1. If you are interested in the Corner Libraries, get in touch with thekidsforever (at) gmail (dot) com. 

    There are, or have been other libraries at the following locations: 

    1) Crown Heights, on Franklin between Park and Sterling, outside of Launchpad and near volunteers Ann & Nora’s 5x5x5 gardening project. This library has a gardening focus and is built into a tree guard bench. 

    2) SoHo, on Broome and Crosby, near volunteer Ann’s place. This library is built into a pair of abandoned pay phones and has a focus on street culture and zines. (gone - pay phones demolished finally)

    3) Mobile book barn operated by volunteers at Word Up! Bookstore in Washington Heights at Broadway and 176th. 

    4) At Weeksville Heritage Center in Bedford Stuyvesant/Crown Heights/Weeksville Brooklyn, on Bergen and the historic Hunterfly Road.

    5) In East Harlem, near el Taller Boricua. (gone - librarian moved)

    6) In Williamsburg, near Havemeyer and Metropolitan. (gone - burned/destroyed)

    7) In East Williamsburg, outside of Eyelevel

    We aren’t currently building any more libraries, because Colin moved to Connecticut and is working on growing food now instead, but you should know that there is a very cool and way more organized than us organization called littlefreelibrary.org and they are building little libraries all over the world as we speak and you can build your own with their plans, it’s really easy! So join them! We did.